Beauty is best visualized alone
No distractions
No interaction
Purely beauty
In water
you’re unstoppable
Rules are left behind
You and the water are slowly inter-twined
No sudden movements
Elegant as a swan
Colours sway so freely
They’re dancing as one
A blinding light erupts
Shattering the night
Underwater you realize
Life is not in black and white
Beauty is a wonder
Freedom is precious
Silence combines the two
They overwhelm together.
'Freedom of Silence' is a project that takes place in our preferred world, water. With no client or set guidelines, other than our own, to bring our ideas to life. When we started down this path, piecing this project together, it became clear that we would need more than just the two of us to make it possible. We approached creatives, specialising in fields other than our own, asking if they would be willing to help us bring our project to life...with no remuneration! The first being Kuccia…
Bright ideas are born out of madness and outrageous laughter. Shoeless and content, sitting in an oak tree watching planes land at 7 in the morning, we (Googsi&Matt), decided that we would collaborate. In the name of creativity we would make beautiful things... One rule - do not manufacture pretty! It didnt matter if it wasn't grand, as long as it was born of our minds. A relationship of light and dark...
The Team 
Matt Porteous - Photography
Kuccia - Clothing
Zinzi Coetzee - Fashion Stylist and jewellery designer
Sarah Hosty - Make-up Artist
Sharon Milbank-Hair Stylist
JimandTonic - Film 
Max Burnett - Digital retoucher & photography assistant
Steve Barwise - Digital retoucher
Connor Burgher- Lighting technician
Dominic Hare -  Creative writing
Luke Kilwin - Freediving assistant
Joe Smart
Lauren Jane Perkins
Tabitha Wrigley
Max Mourant
Tim Lambeth

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