Kuccia Bear
We created the character "KucciaBear" to represent the brand Kuccia. Preserving the brands edge, its street presence on the shoot without affecting the integrity of the fashion-wear. Once we had selected our final images, we sent them off to St Michaels Prep School in Jersey and asked them if they would mind writing a creative passage, telling the story how they saw it.. The students (11-12 years old) were given the task of coming up with a creative passage as a competition. The winning poem by Jack Preston was used in the final work. Telling us the story as he sees it. Thank you Jack, for sharing your insight and colourful imagination. Story of a Bear- The girls arrive on the beach, waiting for a boat to take them to 'their island'. While waiting, a bear arrives. He approaches the girls. The fear of being alone on this beach with an unknown creature sends them into panic and flight. They run and attempt to hide out of reach, out of sight. The persistent bear searches all nooks in the granite rocks, cornering the untrusting girls... Fear always makes the bear appear bigger! They put up a brave fight, expelling all their fear and defences. Only to realise that all KucciaBear wanted to do was give them balloons and be best friends. True to being girls, they revel in the opportunity of having a quirky friend, with whom they can say they have shared experiences. Happily ever after. Thank you to- The Observatory, for their madness and creative kink. http://www.beobserved.com Jack Preston, creative writing.
Story of a Bear
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