Always Captured, Never Seen
A returned portrait shoot in Zanzibar
Following a year at home, I recently fulfilled a promise of presenting images to a small town in South East Zanzibar. Returning, fully equipped with a box full of prints, a bag full of pens, footballs and sunblock, we began our search for the locals I captured in my portraits last year. With the help of our friend and guide Roger, my quest was to handover the prints to the people who never have the opportunity to view portraits of themselves or their families. The closest most are likely to see is a  peak at the screen on a tourists camera. They are always pleased to see their image for a split second before the happy snapper waves goodbye, jumps into an air conditioned van and disappears into the dust never to be seen again. Here is a collection of images taken whist returning prints at the start of our trip and new images taken on the final days. All photo taken with a 50mm lens Canon 5dmkiii and Elinchrom Quadra flash head. mid day images using a lee 0.9 ND filter.
Images from my first visit - Zanzibar Village 
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